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Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review – Best Enzyme Cleaner Overall

Last Updated on May 17, 2020
Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review – Best Enzyme Cleaner OverallFor most pet lovers, having the least time to play and have fun with their pets is enough to make their day.

However, on some days, the table turns and you feel all pissed off, such that you wouldn’t want to have a sight of your furry friend.

What could have suddenly happened, one may ask? Irritating pet stains and odor from either urine, drool and even faeces aren’t far from being the likely sower of the seed of momentary enmity between pet owners and their pets.

Well, if this is a similar episode you encounter every now and then with your pet, here is the time to have an all-round smooth sailing with your furry friend with little or no worries about odor and stain on your furniture and carpet.

In this review, we shall be considering Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover, which has been known to be the undisputed Best Pet Enzyme Cleaner Overall for carpets, pet beds/crates and even furniture.

So, stick around and see why Sunny and Honey Pet Odor Remover should make it to your shopping list when next you hit the stores for some pet needs.

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Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review: Main Features

The Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover is a powerful liquid stain and odor remover you can use to win the fight against bad smell and odor in your home.

Organic friendly

Sunny and Honey Pet Stain neutralizer is an organic product that is designed with your safety as well as that of your pet at heart. While most odor neutralizer and stain remover are very highly toxic and very irritating to the skin, Sunny and Honey product is made with 100% natural enzyme which is eco-friendly and safe for both you and your pets. See, you have no worries having Sunny and Honey Enzyme Cleaner spilling over your body or coming in contact with your senses.

Universal Solution and Multi-Surface Cleaner

Very unique and outstanding about Sunny and Honey Pet Stain remover is the fact that it is rated the #1 enzyme cleaner that is designed to completely handle irritating smell and odor from pet faeces, drools, urine as well as vomit.

In case you’ve drawn your budget to accommodate different stain removers for various surfaces in your home, here is the good news. Sunny and Honey enzyme cleaner is specially formulated to clean and remove stains and smell from various surfaces such as rugs, pet beds, pet crates carpet, furniture and even your car upholstery.

Great Scent

And to crown it all, the exclusive formulation of Sunny and Honey solution is a lasting fragrance, which this product brings to your home. With its strong spring mint scent, you can tell that each use of this high-quality odor eliminator can keep the atmosphere of your home very cool with and irresistible fragrance of spring mint.


After a keen consideration of both the technical and biological specifications that have been considered in the formulation of Sunny and Honey Pet Stain remover, it is crystal clear that this product serves not just the purpose of being an ultimate stain and dour remover, but also an economical product that works perfectly for different surfaces in your home.


  • Pet and human friendly
  • Strong spring mint scent can last for up to 7days at each spray


  • Comes in a small container

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