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Best Dog Grooming Tables for 2023 (Top 5) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on January 3, 2023
Grooming your dog is very likely something you need to do once in a while. Many of our fur babies have coat styles that have to be cut to look nice. Pet parents usually choose either to take their pets to a grooming salon or do it by themselves. No matter what is the case, there is a lot of bending over and stepping around the dog during the process. These continuous movements can badly affect one’s back if made without equipment. Eventually, that’s what the grooming tables exist for.

How Do You Choose the Good Dog Grooming Table?

Professional grooming equipment has the proper size and stability enough to safely support a dog of any weight. The non-skid top is a must-have. There are also distinct features that help professionals do their job without a fuss.

The grooming arms provide means to restrain the dog for the procedure. All those harnesses and nooses are attached to the arms to let the groomer necessary access. Without them, pets definitely won’t stand still for as long as it takes to trim their coat and nails.

  • Harnesses and leashes are usually utilized to keep still large or medium dogs. Depending on their temper, you may not need to restrain them strictly. During the grooming procedures, the dog should be tied with a leash anyway.
  • Nooses and loops will be helpful for restraining small and medium dogs, especially nervous ones. The aim is to keep the dog standing still. Loops can hold the dog’s hips or other body parts while the groomer does the job.

Some people feel bad about using nooses and ties to force a dog to keep still during the grooming process but it’s a very common practice. It helps a professional to do grooming as fast and quality as possible without obstacles from a dog. The nooses may look distressful although they are designed to mildly hold a pet. If used as intended, nooses are not torturing.

The Right Size

Tables for grooming are not very variable in size because originally, they are designed for professionals that work with different dogs. That is, most of them are quite large. This size is excess for small dogs that leads their owners to bend over while grooming them on such tables.

There are options with smaller dimensions though. If you’re looking for a table to groom your own pets that are not large, get the device of the corresponding size. You don’t want to pay for the useless tabletop space indeed.

What Features a Groomer Table Can Have?

Looking at a range of grooming equipment kits you might think that the more accessories the model has the better. It’s not always true. Apparently, when you purchase the high-quality all-in-one grooming station from a reputable manufacturer, you’ll get what you pay for. The question is whether you need all those features included.

Many prefer to buy a cheaper table and the advanced grooming arm and restrains. Others want to purchase the most stable lifting table so they invest more in it. Well-trained dogs can stand on the table with minimum holding means.

Electric vs. Hydraulic

There is a range of grooming tables on the market with various features and price tags. The more expensive models are more technically advanced. Electric and hydraulic tables are way more comfortable to use due to their ability to get up and down automatically.

For grooming professionals, this feature is crucial because it lets to adjust the height depending on the dog size. This way a groomer needs not bend the spine over a small dog; the large and heavy dogs can be lifted up by a table itself.

Electric tables, as it goes from their name, use electric power to move the tabletop up and down. Hydraulic tables operate without electricity by pressing foot pedals. The difference between these grooming tables and the simple ones is also in portability. The basic models usually is foldable thus it is the perfect option for occasional use at home.

Electric or hydraulic ones are heavier and not supposed to change their place often. They are professional grade grooming equipment. Pet owners will benefit from purchasing them if they have enough space to install them permanently.

Best Dog Grooming Tables Consolidate Chart

Product Review
Our Rating
Best Electric Dog Grooming Table Flying Pig Professional
4.9 out of 5 stars
Best Foldable Dog Grooming Table YAHEETECH Pet Grooming Table for Home
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best Value Professional Dog Grooming Table Polar Aurora Pingkay
4.6 out of 5 stars
Best Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table Comfort Groom Hydraulic Grooming Table
4.6 out of 5 stars
Best Small Dog & Puppy Grooming Table Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
4.8 out of 5 stars

Top 5 Pet Groomer Tables in 2023

Here are some of the best tables for grooming we’ve found on the market. They belong to different types of equipment so that any pet parent or grooming professional will find the model for their needs.

1. Flying Pig Professional
– Best Electric Dog Grooming Table –

The electric groomer table for dogs by Flying Pig is a professional-grade grooming station with all necessary parts included. This product is durable enough to hold and restrain any dog up to 220 lbs. The table is 45.75″ x 25.75″ to provide a decent room for larger pups.

Its frame is made of stainless steel with a silicon tabletop for the additional safety of pets. The overhead grooming arm is stainless steel too. There are hooks and nooses to constrain agitated dogs while their coat gets groomed. This arm is all-adjustable so you will set it up in the handy position easily.

This table’s X-shaped electric mechanism is operated with two pedals. This way a groomer can adjust the height of the table in the hands-free mode. Aiming for extra-stability the whole frame is quite heavy which usually means it is hard to move around. But with this Flying Pig model, you can change its place easily thanks to its wheels. There are leg levelers to set up the table evenly horizontal.

This grooming station is designed very sturdy for heavy use thus it is life-long equipment if you plan to utilize it at home. Take it into account when you decide to make a purchase because the price is rather expensive. Other downsides may be this table’s weight and size.

Think about the place to put it since this model is not a foldable one. Unfortunately, it’s not the option for small dwellings.

Our rating:
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Solid construction
  • Pedal-operated
  • H-shaped arm and nooses included
  • Wheels for enhanced portability
  • Suits dogs of all sizes


  • Expensive

2. YAHEETECH Pet Grooming Table for Home
– Best Foldable Dog Grooming Table –

This foldable grooming table by YAHEETECH is our next best choice overall and the best option for home use. If you groom your dog(s) by yourself occasionally, this one is definitely worth buying. You will get the improved experience of doing your dog’s coat even if you are used to doing it without special furniture. This table is foldable thus you can collapse and store it flat when it’s not used. The affordable price tag is one more benefit of this product.

Although this table can’t change its height, for the majority of pet owners its standard size will help to defend their backs from bending during the process. It’s much easier to groom the dog when they stand still while you have free access to the body from all sides. This table has an adjustable grooming arm with loops to restrain the pet and a handy tray under the tabletop for grooming tools and other stuff.

All details are made of durable materials like steel frame and MDF board with non-slip PU covering. We like the quality mechanisms that adjust the arm and fold the table legs. This trimming table is suitable for large dogs up to 220,5 lbs. but it’s not too heavy to move it around.

This product is a decent investment for pet parents that prefer to groom their fur babies at home. Taking into consideration the time and money they save on visiting a salon, their own table for grooming occurs pure bargain.

Our rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Folds in seconds 
  • Tray for grooming tools
  • Two restraining loops included
  • Affordable price


  • Not adjustable height

3. Polar Aurora Pingkay
– Best Value Professional Dog Grooming Table –

The Polar Aurora Pingkay is our next choice for the list of top-notch tables for grooming. This product is considered the proper choice for dog shows particularly. It has several crucial features for this aim. It is foldable and lightweight which lets you take it anywhere. Flat folded this table can be put into the car by one person.

Aluminum and stainless steel construction provide great sturdiness that allows grooming dogs up to 250 lbs. These materials are also rust-resistant thus you won’t damage the table by using water on it. Its tabletop is made of rubber for better stability and easy cleaning. This covering is antistatic which is important when you deal with pet hair.

The Pingkay table is the quality version of the basic model of a ready-made grooming station. There is an adjustable arm with nylon noose and a wire tray included. There is a variety of this product with the purple top surface.

What’s great about the Polar Aurora Pingkay is the three sizes of the tabletop – just opt for the dimensions that are good for your pup whether they small or large. An improper size of the table may cause spine, neck, or joint pain because it forces the groomer to get tired reaching out to the pup. Thus, you better don’t get the larger table if you own a small or medium pup.

This model is the solid choice for a compact table for grooming that does all required and doesn’t take much room. Keep it in the corner or take it folded wherever you want – maximum versatility for the money!

Our rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • All-in-one portable table
  • Extra durable materials
  • Three sizes available
  • Perfect for dog shows


  • You can’t change its height

4. Comfort Groom Hydraulic Grooming Table
– Best Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table –

The Hydraulic Grooming Table by Comfort Groom is our best choice in the category. This kind of table is valued for providing enhanced adjustment and stability. Grooming businesses are the main users of such tables due to their sturdy construction and versatility. This equipment allows grooming literally any pet because its height can be set up in a range from 21” to 38” while the maximum pet weight is as large as 550 lbs. This is two times more than any other grooming table available for a relatively moderate price has.

The hydraulic mechanism of lifting the table doesn’t require electricity which comes in handy for certain reasons. With a hydraulic pump, you don’t need to have a wall outlet or pay the bills. Some customers also like to control the speed of lifting the pet with a foot pedal complaining that electric tables are too fast. Anyway, a hydraulic lift table is a decent alternative for electric models. Many consider it ever more favorable.

This table has an extra durable steel frame and a Z-lift construction that have a lifelong warranty. Its hydraulic pump itself has a 1-year warranty. The whole thing is made so that pets and their groomers feel safe – the tabletop has a water-resistant textured surface and rounded corners with vinyl trim. The weight of the table adds to the stability though it may be hard to move it around.

This particular professional table doesn’t have any grooming arm included. Thus, you can choose the arm and restraining means that you prefer personally. Instead, there are four metal hooks on the corners for hanging grooming tools like scissors or dryers. The tabletop is removable to help cleaning it.

Overall, this lift table for grooming is worth your close attention if you’re looking for superior quality and ready to invest in it a little more.

Our rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Durable steel frame
  • Lifts up to 550 lbs
  • Hydraulic pump is operated by pedals
  • Lifetime warranty on the construction
  • Works without electric power


  • No accessories included

5. Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table
– Best Small Dog & Puppy Grooming Table –

The last recommendation on the list is the product designed for small pets only. This unusual table by Master Equipment has a completely different construction. It consists of an 18-inch round platform with a circular mechanism and a grooming arm with a loop. Its compact size requires a stable base like your regular table to stand on it. You can even put this table on the floor and sit next to it if such a position is comfortable for you.

As it was said already, this grooming device suits only small and tiny breeds. When you groom your pet standing on it, you can turn the platform around which is very convenient. The rubber feet keep the table in place when it stands on the flat surface even if it’s glossy. But you shouldn’t leave your pup on any grooming table without supervision to avoid accidents.

This Master Equipment little table is perfect for home use due to its easy assembly and compact size. We personally admire the stylish purple color of the platform and the noose. You won’t regret getting this product for your little fur baby and yourself.

Our rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Perfect for small pets
  • Rotating platform for comfortable access
  • Nice design
  • Adjustable arm with a leash


  • No height regulation

Grooming Arms

As a pet parent willing to groom your dog(s) at home from time to time, you must not buy the whole special table for this task. You may create a do-it-yourself grooming place by attaching a special arm to the ordinary table that is comfortable for you to use. This is a comparatively cheap way to improve your experience as an amateur groomer.

There are two types of such arms available. The first type is the H-frame that is attached to the table from two sides. This construction is very stable and can hold even a nervous dog in place for cutting their coat. The downside is that the second stand of the arm restricts access to the dog’s body, especially for corded clippers.

The more common grooming arm has only one stand to attach it to the tabletop. This way it provides a better approach to the dog all over. This type is completely satisfying for most pet parents if the product has decent quality.

Grooming tables often come with arms included but some models don’t. In the latter case, you need to buy the arm additionally.

SHELANDY Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp
– Best Grooming Arm for the Money –

The additional product we would like to recommend in this review is the separate grooming arm. This Shelandy model has a convenient design and improved loops for restraining the dog during the process. The arm is made of coated steel, it has a clamp that can be attached to any table up to 1.96″ thick. You can use it with special furniture for groomers or an ordinary table if you like. The arm’s height adjusts for all sized dogs. It is foldable which is very handy for storage.

The best part of this arm though is the nooses that come with it. You will get three different holding features that will keep your dog in the right position all the way. For a steady pup, the nylon leash would be enough but nervous dogs have to be restricted from excess moving like sitting. There are two haunch holders included preventing dogs from messing around. They won’t harm your dog due to their soft material.

If you as a pet owner ever tried to clip your dog’s hair at home and failed, get the grooming arm and see how easy this procedure may be. This is a real-time and money saver for many dog parents.


Summing up the review, we want to remind the main criterion for choosing a perfect groomer table for your needs. Well, the criterion is your personal aim. For business use, you will want to get a professional-grade lifting table like Comfort Groom Hydraulic Grooming Table or Flying Pig Professional Grooming Table with Wheels. These options are extra sturdy and designed to provide comfort for dogs and the groomer. Surely, pet parents can buy these for home use too.

If you want to trim your dog’s hair by yourself at home to save money on visiting a salon, choose between YAHEETECH Pet Grooming Table for Home and Polar Aurora Pingkay Dog Show Foldable Grooming Table. These proven models will come in handy for occasional grooming sessions. Both are easily foldable thus, suitable for houses with a lack of space.

There are also decent options of separate grooming arms and models for tiny dogs and puppies.

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