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4Knines Front Seat Cover For Dogs Review: Waterproof & Non-Slip

Last Updated on June 25, 2020
4Knines Front Seat Cover For Dogs Review in 2020One of the regular lines most pet owners have adopted as a creed is “well, I can’t eat my cake and have it back.”

To many, this creed seems unbendable, especially when considering the impending dirt their car seat will incur each time they decide to take a ride with their furry friend. However, as true as the dogma may seem, there is always a way out of any situation – no matter how helpless it may seem.

In a bid to salvage the seemingly helpless situation, 4Knine, a top-rated company in the US have come up with yet another handy and exceptional dog car seat cover to salvage your car seat from all kinds of dirt and stain.

As a leading manufacturer of various car seat covers, 4Knines has remained faithful to the call of producing first-class car seat cover using premium materials that can withstand any demand.

In this review, we shall be taking a closer look at one of the company’s top-rated product – 4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs. Hopefully, this review will open your eyes to the world of classic features that set this amazing product apart from the regular car seat covers in the market.

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4Knines Front Seat Cover For Dogs Review: Main Features

4Knines is a powerful car seat cover that is designed with the best material to shield your car seats from the fiery darts of pet stains and scratches.

The sleek car seat cover comes with a sturdy anchor that helps to keep the car seat in place no matter how hard your pet may try to roll it off the seat.

Beyond the sleek and handy design of the 4Knines dog seat cover, other outstanding features of this uncommon car fixture include the following:

Easy To Install

Without any technical skills to handle the 4Knines seat cover, you can easily and quickly wear the seat over your car seat, and the sturdy seat anchors that are attached to all sides of the seat cover will help it to stay put.

Similarly, removing the 4Knines cover only requires you to unclip the quick release clips that help to hold the car seat cover on the seat.

One-Size Fits Most

While other regular car seat covers are designed to fit into just a particular size of a car, the 4Knines pet car seat cover stands out with its flexible size that makes it suitable for both standard and full-size sedans.

Tear And Scratch-Resistant Material

4Knines is designed with a heavy-duty 600D polyester material which is purposely meant to withstand harsh and rough use – obviously from your furry friend.

Waterproof And Easy To Clean

4Knines car seat cover for dogs comes with a unique waterproof layer that gives it immunity against all forms of liquid which may soak it.

More so, the waterproof covering makes is pretty easy to wash or clean this elegant seat cover. All you need is hose it down, and wipe to dry with a towel if you can’t wait to have it air-dried.

Final Verdict

The 4Knines dog car seat cover has an outstanding quality and premium features that make it very handy for you whenever a ride with your furry friend is necessary.

After a keen consideration of all the exquisite features and design of 4Knine dog seat, we confidently recommend it as a solid shield for your car seat.


  • Waterproof material
  • Heavy-duty 600D polyester material
  • Can size most standard size cars


  • The waterproof covering may be noisy

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