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How to Cut Dogs Hair Like a Pro at Home (DIY Tips)

Last Updated on May 26, 2020
How to Cut Dogs Hair Like a Pro at Home (DIY Tips)Have you ever thought that you can give your furry friend a haircut as a pro right from the comfort of your home? Not sure? Yes, your professional groomer is an expert in the work, but with a proper approach and tools, you too can learn and be good at how to trim your dog’s hair.

Well, giving your fluffy pal a haircut at home can save you some bucks– sure, you already know that. You may think that it is not possible, it is quite easier than you think.
Want to give this a try? Read down to learn some simple tips and tricks on how to give a dog a haircut like a pro.

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Tools for Cutting Dogs Hair

Tools for Cutting Dogs Hair

When you are considering cutting the hair of your dog, it is important to gather the necessary tools so that you will not stop the process halfway. Some simple tools you may need for your new-found job include;

  • Scissors ( Straight grooming and curving scissors)
  • Clippers
  • Washcloth or Sponge
  • Towels for cleaning
  • Puppy shampoo and conditioning rinse
  • Blow dryer
  • Brush and comb
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

Now that you have gathered the necessary tools for the cutting of your dog’s hair, the next thing is to follow the steps below:

Steps on How to Cut Dogs Hair

#1: Proper Preparation is Important

Like you already know, everything in life requires adequate preparation – even cutting your dog’s hair. So, it is important to prepare yourself emotionally and physically so that you will not give your furry friend a bad cut.

Prepare the place you will use for the cutting of the hair

The location should be comfortable for you and your dog. It may be the shower, sink, bathtub, or table. Choose a place that gives you enough space to work with your furry friend before and after the bath.

Prepare your dog for the process

You cannot get up suddenly to cut the hair of your dog without your dog feeling nervous, or even aggressive. The best way to go about this is to start a deepening relationship with your furry friend.
By so doing, your pet should be able to rely on your behavior, without suspecting you. Offer positive rewards as you prepare your dog for cutting hair. If your dog is not comfortable when you want to start, do not force her, suspend the session for another time.

#2: Bath Your Dog to Freshen Up

Use good natural puppy shampoo to bathe your dog. Saturate the coat with water and massage it, starting from the back to the top of the head, chest, belly, tail, and feet. Use a washcloth to clean the sensitive areas around the eyes and the muzzle.

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Rinse the dog well to remove excess soap and unusual odor. Avoid pouring much water in the ear canal and the face of the dog.

#3: Dry Your Furry Friend

Comb out the coat of your dog and blow it to dry. The use of an adjustable handheld blow dryer that is adjusted to a medium setting will be suitable for this process.

Give special attention to the hair that is behind the ears. When dogs are not dried well, mat tends to form at the hair behind the ear.

Brush your dog thoroughly to get rid of matted, tangled and dead hair. Start from the head and move down the body. Do not brush too hard to avoid irritating your dog.

#4: Cutting the Hairs of Your Dog – The Real Work

Now that your dog is ready for a haircut, you can use two ways to cut the hair of the dog. The two ways are the use of scissors and the use of clippers.

However, whichever method you may choose depends on the length of your god’s hair. Better still, you can combine the two for a proper haircut too.

The Use of Scissors to Cut Dog’s Hair

When it comes to the question on how to cut a dog’s hair, scissors are suitable for long hair dogs, especially when you want to trim the hair. Take note of the following tips so that you will be able to give your dog a professional cut.

  • Use straight grooming scissors for basic cutting, curving scissors for rounding off layers of hair, thinning shears for problem areas, and rounded tip scissors for the delicate areas.
  • Determine the level you want to trim the hair before you start. When you start cutting, use your fingers to guide your consistency.
  • Begin the cutting at the front, and move to the back of your furry friend. Focus on the main part first, then cut the sensitive areas at the end.
  • Use the thinning shears to cut areas that are heavy, thick or prone to matting.
  • Cut the hair of the dog slowly and gently to avoid cutting the hair at a steep angle that is too close to the skin.
  • Keep your comb close and comb between the cuts so that the level of hair cut does not get shorter than what you intended to cut.
  • Reward your dog for positive behavior.
  • Brush your dog after the cut.

Did you just follow these steps duly? Then your furry friend’s haircut should be like a pro did the job.

The Use of Clippers to Cut Dog’s Hair

The use of clippers is suitable for short-haired dogs or dogs that the owners are nervous about their ability. However, take note of the following tips for a perfect haircut.

  • Put the clippers on an extension so that you do not get very close to the skin.
  • Start cutting on areas that are not sensitive to test the tolerance of your dog and your skill as well.
  • Work your way slowly down the body of your dog in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Ensure that the clipper blades and sharp to avoid pulling the hair more. The blade you choose should work best with the particular type of coat your furry friend has. This will help you achieve the result you need.
  • Check the blades often to ensure that the blades are not overheated. When you observe it to be hot, use coolant to spray on the blade to make it cool.
  • Clean excess coolant from the blade before using it to cut the coat of the dog.
  • Ensure that you don’t use water to cool the blade. You can switch off the clipper and place the blade on a metal surface to cool it quickly.
  • Use the guide comb to keep the clippers from nicking the dog. It will also help you with the consistency cut.
  • When you see signs of swelling, infection, or redness, do not cut the area. Visit your veterinarian for treatment before you cut the area.

That’s it when answering the question on how to trim a dog using clippers.


To cut dogs hair is not something to do in a hurry. In most cases, it does take some time to gain the attention of your dog. You may have to give your dog treats to make her feel and see the process as though it is fun.

Do you have still have questions bordering around how to cut your dogs hair, how to trim a dog with clippers, how to give a dog a haircut and the likes? Simply follow the simple steps above, and the activity will turn out a fun-time for you and your dog.

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