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Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Review

Last Updated on July 20, 2020
Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Mat ReviewIf you’ve been looking for something to help cool your pet down during the hotter months, or even year round, you’ll love the Arf Pets Cooling Mat. The self-cooling feature means you won’t need batteries, electricity, or to pop it into the refrigerator. The cooling lasts for up to three hours, then recharges itself in just about 15-20 minutes. Oh, did we mention that the Arf Pets Self Cooling pad works great within a crate, too? This product was featured in our Best Dog Cooling Pads and Mats in 2020 roundup and was highly rated.

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Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Mat Review: Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

So, what can you expect with the Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat?

Non-toxic material

One of the most important features worth noting is the non-toxic material, which means the cooling mat is safe for both your pets and your family. It’s even latex-free, so if you have anybody in the house with a latex allergy, no worries.

Self-cooling feature

You’ll love that the Arf Pets Cooling Mat is self-cooling. What that means is that you don’t need to plug it in, use batteries, fill it with ice, or put it in the refrigerator. Convenience at its best! This self-cooling mat truly is self-cooling. What you’ll find is the product stays cool for up to three hours, then resets itself in about 15 to 20 mins.


The Arf Pets Cooling Mat is durable, made of strong material, and low maintenance, which means it’s easy to clean. With sturdy construction, it will last a long time. Just be advised it isn’t puncture proof, but with heavy nylon cushioning, you’ve got a quality product that holds up to your champ.

If your dog could use some extra help cooling down, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of using the self-cooling mat, and never have to worry about plugging it in just to cool it back down.


  • offers 3 hours of relief
  • self-charging (no batteries/refrigeration, etc needed)
  • keeps your dog comfortable, cool, and stops dehydration
  • non-toxic material, safe for people and pets
  • latex free
  • easy to store, folds flat
  • nylon mat with cushioning
  • durable mat, sturdy construction
  • low maintenance, easy to clean
  • versatile, easy to take with you


  • different sizes, different pricing
  • nylon top material may be a bit slippery for some dogs
  • may crease
  • not puncture resistant

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